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1) Prise supports any latest versions of Linux or Windows flavor of OS with Java 8 and later

2) JBoss App server/Wildfly10.x is preferred.

3) The system needs the following services/applications to run on its VM:

  1. Elastic Search
  2. BPMN engine
  3. Document service (CMS)
  4. JMS

1)Currently, the application has an implementation for MYSQL 5.X

2)It can quickly adapt with Oracle 11gX, SQL server 2012X based on your preference with minimal effort.

1)Working with multiple strategic partners for data services for VIN, CLUE, MVR, Location services, Property Valuation, and so on.

2)Prebuilt user plugins are available for the standard services.

1)Prise exports/imports the policy data in PIOM (Prime Insurance Object Model), which can be easily converted to and from JSON and XML.

3)PIOM gives a granular level of information about Policy, and the entire data can be utilized the way you want in data warehousing and analytics.

Prise's flexible framework allows you to quickly launch products to achieve speed to market with minimal IT support to ensure cost savings on IT resourcing.

Prise can be hosted both on-premise and on the cloud (Private/Public cloud such as AWS/Google/ Azure/Any other IAAS)

Yes, the system is available 24x7. In the case of a cloud version, updates to the system are notified in advance to plan downtimes accordingly.


Can Policy, Billing, and Claims be configured using a single user interface?

Yes, based on the roles you can configure the associated options.


Do customers need Java Developers to implement a new product or rate changes?

No, any knowledge user can do it. There is no coding required.


Is the system built to allow independent agents to perform all policy and billing functions?

Yes, based on the roles and permissions, they can perform those functions.


Does Prise include data and reporting without a third-party product?



Does Prise include customer-facing applications for Quote/Bind, Endorsement, Claims, Payments, and Document retrieval?



Does platform include document archive (imaging) without a third- party product?

Yes, Prise comes with a DMS.


Does Prise include forms generation (communication) without a third-party product?



Are Customer and Agent facing applications mobile device compliant?



Can the entire book be re-rated during rate development without the assistance of IT?

Yes, knowledge users can do it.


Do you have Auto, Home, and Dwelling (Fire or Property), and Personal Umbrella as a part of the base system?


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295 East Swedesford Rd.,
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